Output power in Class A 30W for one monoblock


From many years Im working with high end audio. Practicualry im interested in single ended amplifers class A on big bottle triodes like gm70, 845, 211, 805. And only those tubes are for me refernce in audio. Ive had may commercial tube amplifiers like Carry CAD 211 Arniversary edition, Carry CAD 805, Audionote and many…

Hello Audiophiles like SET Gm70 DHT TRIODE

Gm70 OVERTURE final version Class A SET. Possible to use the input tubes 7308, E188CC, 6922, E88CC, ECC88, 6DJ8, 6N1P, 6N6P. Possible to use the tubes driver 6AG7 or 6P9 Tube biasing possible E180F, E280F, E810F, 6BQ5, 6P14P, 6P15P, EL 83, SV83, EL84. Possible to use the power triode RUSSIAN GM70 GRAPHITE OR COPPER PLATE….